[Encyclopedia of Health and Sweet Water Recipes]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of Health and Sweet Water Recipes]_How to do_How to do

Tangshui is relatively new to friends in the north.

In fact, sugar water is an indispensable part of the diet of southerners.

Sweet water is a dessert.

Many people in the south will come with sugar after eating.

Sugar water is a kind of food that can both maintain health and have an axial beauty effect.

In fact, the production of sugar water is also very simple, until friends with poor cooking skills can also make it.

Take a look at the recipes for health syrup, find a favorite syrup to make!

Health syrup practice 1, tremella syrup syrup practice: pitting and washing red dates, foaming tremella in advance, and tearing into small pieces, Sydney is also washed and cut into pieces; these materials are cooked in water for 45 minutes.OK; then add the right amount of rock sugar to season.

2, lotus seed red bean water practice: lotus seeds remove the lotus seed heart, and then wash clean, soaked and soften the red peel, soak the red beans, soak first with water for 2 to 4 hours; cook the red peel, add red beans and cook for about 30 minutes, then putAdd the washed lotus seeds, all the ingredients are cooked and rotten, add the sugar to melt and you can get out of the pan.

3, fungus corn water method: Wash the fungus clean, then make a small flower, red dates to remove the kernels, clean the corn, just take the corn kernels; boil water, cook the fungus and red dates for 45 minutes, and rotAfter the state, add corn kernels and rock sugar, and cook for another 25 minutes.

What is the beauty of sugar water? How can sugar water be used for health? How to make sugar water? 4, black fungus and red date water practice: If you want to dry the fungus first, wash the fresh black fungus, remove the dates and wash it;Cook these two ingredients for 30 minutes, and then simmer.

This syrup has a freckle effect, everyone may wish to try it!

5, kelp white radish water practice: wash the kelp hair, cut into filaments; peel the white radish and cut into pieces, put the two materials into the pot and cook until soft, then add the right amount of rock sugar, taste sweet.
This sugar water is very effective, and it has a good effect on gas retention and antioxidation!

6, Yuba Baiguo rice water practice: Soak the rice first, and stew with the cleaned ginkgo, it takes about 60 minutes; then wash the yuba, add the same pot and then simmer for 60 minutes; then add rock sugar.

This syrup is also effective, it is effective for nourishing yin and soothing throat and clearing heat, so try it often!

What is the beauty of sugar and how to make it? How to do it? 7. Ginger brown sugar method: Wash the ginger and cut it into pieces, and smash it for later use. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot and cook the ginger for five minutes; thenAdd brown sugar and cook together, stir well.

Brown sugar and ginger are a very good match, and you usually drink it often. Remember to drink it while it is hot!

8, tremella fungus syrup method: tremella fungus must be soaked first, foaming is completed, torn into small pieces, first into the pot and slowly simmer until crispy; put the peeled scallion cut pieces together and cook for 30 minutes, remember that it is a small fire stewCook, then add sugar to the seasoning and serve.

Usually drinking some sugar water can really exert health effects, and the health effects of different sugar waters are not the same. If you usually drink more sugar water, it is very good for your body.

For these eight recipes of sugar water, in fact, they are very simple to make, and they are quite effective. If everyone makes sense, don’t prevent them from learning together!